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Set Number of Posts on Page (Aurora)


Our Blogger templates use Numbered Pagination using a small script in the HTML code. The number selected in the Blog Post settings must match the number set in the code. If you choose to change the Number of Posts on Main Page to a number other than 7, you must also change the number in the HTML code for Pagination to work right.

  1. In the Blog Post Settings, set your desired Number of Posts on Main Page.
  2. Navigate to the Template page on the Blogger Dashboard.
  3. Click on the gray Edit HTML button to open the code editor window.
  4. Left click anywhere in the code editor screen.
  5. Press the [Cntrl] + [F] keys (Command + F on Mac) to open the search bar in the top right corner of the code editor.
  6. Type postperpage=7; into the box and press the [Enter] key.
  7. The search will find this piece of code near the end of the HTML.
  8. Change the 7 to match the number you selected in your Blog Post Settings.
  9. Click the orange Save template button at the top of the code editor window.
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