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Logo Setup (Aurora)


Our templates allow you to use almost any logo size your want.

The best size for your custom logo to make it Retina Ready (not fuzzy on iPhones, etc.) is 2 times the height you want it to display.

i.e. If you want a logo that is 150px tall, use an image that is 300px tall.

Our template will restrict the height of the logo so it’s not too tall on the display.

Change Logo Size:

If your need to adjust the height of your image logo, you can add the following to your “Add CSS” window in the Template Designer. Just copy, paste then edit code to taste.

Hint: Change the height (200px) to adjust the height of your logo. Larger numbers will make a taller/bigger logo and smaller numbers will make a shorter/smaller logo.

#Header1 img {max-height: 200px;}

 Watch the video or see below for written directions.


Text Logo

  1. In your Blogger Dashboard, navigate to the Layout configuration page.  You will see a diagram of boxes that represents the current layout of your blog. Each box represents an editable section of your theme. In the corner of each box/section you will see an Editlink.
  2. To edit your Blog Title and Blog Description, clock on the Edit link in the bottom right hand corner of the (Header) box. A new window will open, the Configure Header box.
  3. In the Configure Header window, you can enter your Blog Title and Description. If you choose not to enter a Description, this area will automatically be hidden.  It is an optional field.
  4. Click the Save button.


Custom Image Logo

  1. Optionally, you can upload a custom header image, either a background image behind your text Blog Title and/or Description or you can upload a custom header that includes your Blog Title and/or Description.  For best results, we recommend using a .png file with a transparent background.
  2. To upload a custom header image behind your text Blog Title (i.e., your text Blog Title and/or Description will show in front of your custom header image), upload your custom image from your computer or from a URL on the internet then select Behind title and description in the Placement options.
  3. To upload a custom header and hide your text Blog Title and Description, upload your custom image then select Instead of title and description in the Placement options.
  4. You can also choose to show your Description after your custom image by choosing Have description placed after the image.
  5. Click the Save button.


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