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Remove the Post Slider (Natasha)


For the Natasha 2.0 template there are 2 ways to stop the template from using the post slider for images on the home and other index pages.

Method 1: No Code Edit Method
Add a “Jump Link” in each post after the first image.
This stops the slider but the post excerpt remains the same on the home page. Use this option if you may occasionally want to use the post slider and don’t want to remove it permanently.


Method 2: Edit the Code

Remove the Post Slider code from the template.This is a permanent measure to remove the post slider altogether.
  • In the Blogger Dashboard, navigate to the Template page.
  • Click on the gray Edit HTML button. The code editor window will open.
  • Click anywhere in the code area and then press the [Control] + [F] buttons to open the search window in the upper right corner of the window. (Command + F on Mac)
  • Cut and paste the following code into the search box then press [Enter]:

s = '<div class="article_slider owl_carousel" style="display:none;">' + li +'</div>';

  • Backspace to delete or remove the highlighted code.
  • Click the orange Save Template button.
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