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Add Read More Buttons (Felicity)


The Advanced Blogger templates by Georgia Lou Studios use manual Read More buttons. View the video for setup directions or see the Step-by-Step written directions below.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. This template does not feature an automatic “Read More” button script. (These scripts can really slow down site loading and are buggy. Besides, not everyone wants this option). By default, your entire posts will show on the home page.
  2. To show only post excerpts on the Home page with the “Read More” link, you will need to insert a Jump Break into the point where you want the “Read More” link to appear.
  3. From your Blogger Dashboard, go into the Post edit screen.
  4. Scroll down to the point where you want to insert your Jump Break and left-click to place your cursor.
  5. In the top Post edit toolbar is a small icon that looks like a piece of torn paper, the“Insert jump break” button. Click this button to insert a jump break.
  6. A dashed line will appear in your post text to show where the jump break has been inserted. This will not affect your post content on the single page, but will create an excerpt post with “Read More” link on your Home page.
  7. Click the orange Update button to update your post or Save for new posts.
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