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Slider Troubleshooting (Peyton)



There are a couple of settings that will cause problems with the slider:

1. Can’t see the slider at all

Check 3 things:

1. Make sure you spelled and capitalized the required Post Label correctly. It must look exactly like this: Featured

* If you accidentally used the un-capitalized version of the label (“featured”) and now you can’t seem to change it on your posts to make the slider work (it keeps reverting to “featured”), here’s how to fix that:

  1. Go into each post you’ve added the “featured” label to and remove the label and save the post.
  2. After you have removed the “featured” label from ALL posts, then you can go back into each post and add the “Featured” label.

2. Is your blog set to Private mode?

If yes, this is your problem. Because of some Blogger native settings, the slider will only show on Public mode. Set your blog to Public and your slider will appear on the Homepage.

3. Check your Site Feed settings (see section below on how to find).

If your Site Fees is set to “None”, the slider won’t show at all. Change the Allow Blog Feed to either Full or Until Jump Break.


2. Uh oh, the slider is working but all you see is a picture of a Kindle for each of the posts?

You need to fix your Site Feed settings:

  1. Go to the Settings > Other page on your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Under the Site Feed section, make sure the Allow Blog Feed option is set to Full or Until Jump Break.
  3. Click the orange Save Settings button at the top right corner of the page when done.
  4. Refresh your blog and your slider should show your Featured images.
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