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Regenerate WordPress Thumbnails


If you have existing content (post and pages) on your WordPress site, it is important to Regenerate Thumbnails to create the correct size images for your new theme.

Watch the video or see the written directions below.


Regenerate Thumbnails

  1. If you used the Setup Wizard, you should have installed and activated the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. (If the plugin is not installed and active, do that now).
  2. On the WordPress Dashboard, go to Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails.Screen_Shot_2018-11-10_at_9.49.38_AM.png
  3. You may choose to regenerate all attachments or Featured Images only. It is critical to at least regenerate the Featured Images. Click on the blue buttons that matches your choice.regen2.jpg
  4. If you have many images on your blog, the process may take hours. Make sure you leave the web page open while the process happens. It will stop if you close the browser tab.
  5. The progress bar will indicate how the process is going.
  6. Once regeneration is complete, you will receive a success message.
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