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Widget Area Overview


This tutorial covers an overview of the various widget/sidebar areas available on WordPress Themes by Georgia Lou Studios. It also display two ways you can edit your widgets in your WordPress Dashboard.

View the video. Additional written notes are included below.

Theme Widget Areas

This theme includes the following available sidebars or widget areas where you can place widgets to customize the design and layout of your site:

  • Sidebar - Right or left sidebar (depending on your settings) located on posts, pages, etc.
  • Floating Sidebar - aka Slide In Sidebar. Triggered by the icon in the header area and slides in from the right side of the screen.
  • Blog Sidebar - Widget area on blog pages located below the slider and Featured Category boxes.
  • Split Slider Sidebar - Sidebar area to the right of the slider on the Split slider layout.
  • Archive Widgets - 3 column widget area above the posts on archive pages including category, search, tag and date pages.
  • Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3 - The 3 column footer widget area located below the content area.
  • Full Width Footer - Full width footer widget area above the footer social icons and copyright area.

How to Edit Widgets

Method 1: Customizer

  1. On the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize or click on the Customize Your Site button on the Dashboard home
  2. The Customizer will open.
  3. Click on the Widgets tab.widgets1.jpg
  4. You will see a list of the widget areas available on the page you are viewing in the Customizer. NOTE: Only widget areas available on the specific page you are viewing will be visible and editable. To edit the Archive Widgets, for example, you must be viewing an Archive page in the Customizer.widgets2.jpg
  5. Click on the tab for the widget area you wish to add a widget to.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Add a Widget button to add a widget.widgets3.jpg
  7. From the list that appears, click on the widget you wish to add. It will be added to the bottom of the list of widgets currently in the sidebar. Edit the widget to your needs.widgets4.jpg
  8. To remove a widget, expand it by clicking on the arrow next to the widget name and then click the Remove link.
  9. Click the Publish button to save changes.

Method 2: Widgets Page

  1. On the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets.
  2. The Widgets page will open.widgets5.jpg
  3. On the left is the list of available widgets. On the right is a list of all the available theme widget areas.
  4. To expand an area, click the arrow next to the widget area name.
  5. You can add a widget to a widget area by drag-and-drop or by clicking on the widget and choosing the widget area from the drop down list and clicking Add Widget.
  6. Once the widget is in the chosen sidebar, edit the widget settings and then click Save to save your settings.
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