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Gutenberg Editor


This tutorial includes a video intro the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress.

*If you have not upgraded to WordPress 5.0, you will need to install and activate the Gutenberg Editor plugin.

Gutenberg Blocks

  • Paragraph - A text block. NOT for headings.
  • Heading - Heading block (h1, h2, h3, etc.).
  • Image - Insert a single image.
  • Custom HTML - Embed HTML code into a post. Used for ShopStyle, Amazon and other widgets and more.
  • Separator - A divider line.
  • Quote, Pullquote, Verse - Special styled quotes.
  • List - Ordered or unordered list of items.
  • Columns - Display your content in columns.
  • Cover - A large image with text overlay.
  • Gallery - A grid gallery of multiple images.
  • Video - Embed a video.
  • Audio - Embed an audio file.
  • File - Insert a file into a post or page.
  • Code/Preformatted - Display code for readers to copy.
  • Table - Insert a table into a post.
  • Spacer - Add space between elements.
  • Button - Add a button to your post or page.
  • Media & Text - Add an image, video or auto file inline with some text.
  • More - Add a manual Jump Break (Read More Link).
  • Page Break - Add a page break for multi-page posts.
  • Widgets - Insert select widgets into a page or post.
  • Embeds - Embed videos, audio and more from services like YouTube and more.
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