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Install WordPress Theme


This tutorial will guide you through installation of your new WordPress theme and setting up your site with the Setup Wizard.

** Setup video and written directions are found below the "Important Info" Section - click HERE to jump right to the directions.


1.DON'T click the "disable this wizard" link in the Setup Wizard unless you are 100% sure you will never, ever need it. Once you do this, it cannot be relaunched.

2. Child Theme and Demo settings/content are NOT the same thing. There are 2 different steps. Step 1 is child theme install and activation. In Step 3, you will import demo Customizer settings, widgets and fake content (optional). Please don't confuse the two.

3. NOTE! If you need to re-launch the Setup Wizard, go to Appearance > Theme Setup and it will re-launch. (Only works if you haven't completed all the steps in the wizard.)wizard.jpg

4. If you mess up, don't delete and re-install the theme. This doesn't fix anything in WordPress unless you have altered the theme base code and need to fix a code error. Otherwise, WordPress has databases that store certain theme related information even after you delete the theme, so don't waste your time.

5. Import the wrong demo? See THIS TUTORIAL.

6. Home page setup. Our themes use a traditional "Blog home page". SEE THIS TUTORIAL for info and how-to details.

You can use a Static home page and separate blog page. For building a static home page, we recommend using the free Elementor plugin.

Video Directions

Part 1: Install the Theme

  1. Make sure you have unzipped the original download file. The theme file and other files will be inside the unzipped folder.
  2. The theme file would be named after the theme( ex., etc.) Do not unzip the theme file.install0.jpg
  3. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  4. Go to Appearance > Themes.
  5. Click the Add New Theme button.install1.jpg
  6. Click the Upload Theme button.install2.jpg
  7. Click the Browse button to locate the theme file on your computer and select it for upload.install3.jpg
  8. Click the Install Now button.
  9. When the theme is finished installing, you will receive a success message.
  10. Click the Activate link to activate the theme.install4.jpg

Got a style.css stylesheet missing error? Find out what the problem is, CLICK HERE.

Part 2. Setup Wizard

(You may skip any step, click the "Skip" link at the bottom of the box on that step. It will skip that step only.)

1. Start Setup Wizard

  1. Once you activate the theme, The Setup Wizard will activate.
  2. Click the Start button to start the wizard setup process. (You may Return to dashboard and proceed with manual setup but we highly recommend using the Setup Wizard).wizard1.jpg

STEP 1: Install Child Theme

The first step will create and activate a child theme on your site. Child themes help keep your blog setup safe during events like theme updates and more. We highly, highly, highly recommend using the child theme.

  1. Click the Install button to install your child theme.
  2. When install is complete you will move on to the next step.

STEP 2: Recommended Plugins

Our themes use a few plugins to add special features. These include:

  • Ninja Forms (contact forms),
  • Regenerate Thumbnails (proper size images),
  • The GDPR Framework (tool for setting up Privacy Policy and tools) and
  • WP Instagram (Instagram Feeds).

--> NONE of these plugins are required for the theme to work. You can certainly use a different contact form plugin. The Instagram footer feed or sidebar widget do require use of the Instagram plugin, however.

  1. Click the Install button to install and activate the Recommended Plugins.
  2. When install is complete you will move on to the next step.

STEP 3: Demo Content Import

This will import make your site look like the demo of your choice. Each demo option includes a "full" or "no content" option.

  • The full import includes: dummy content, widget settings and customizer settings.
  • The no content includes: widget settings and customizer settings. This option is great for blogs that have existing content.


  1. Choose your preferred demo design from the drop down menu.

  2. Click the Import button to import your demo content.wizard2.jpg

  3. A progress indicator will show you how the import process is proceeding. Speed of import generally depends on how good your web hosting is.

All Done!

Once import is complete, the Setup Wizard is all done and you will receive an all done message. From there you can Go to the Dashboard or Visit your website.


NEXT STEP: If your site has existing content (posts, pages), you should Regenerate Thumbnails. Skipping this step can lead to less than optimal appearance.

New to WordPress? Check out our WordPress 101 videos which cover many WordPress basics like how to create a post, setup a menu and more. (login for access)


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