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Featured Categories Setup (Promo Boxes)


This tutorial covers how to setup the Featured Categories boxes on the Home Page. These boxes link to an archive page which displays all your current posts in an assigned category.

NOTE: Categories only appear in the list if they have posts assigned and PUBLISHED. Empty categories with no PUBLISHED posts will not appear in the list.


RECOMMENDED IMAGE SIZE - The images are designed to be flexible. For best display, make sure you use images that are the same size or ratio. Example, all squares or all 3:2 rectangles. For quicker loading times, use images that are 768px wide or less.

*HINT: If you want to use images boxes that link to something other than your category pages, use an Image Box Widget in the Blog Sidebar.

View the video or see the written directions below.

Assign Featured Categories

  1. On the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize or click on the blue Customize Your Site button on the home page of the Dashboard.social1.jpg
  2. The Customizer will open.
  3. Click on the Theme Options tab.slider1.jpg
  4. Click on the Homepage tab.feat2.jpg
  5. Under the Featured Categories section, select the categories you wish to display from the list. To open the list, click in the field area.
  6. When the list is open, click on any non-highlighted category to add it. You may add one category at a time. Categories must have posts assigned or they will not appear in the list as an option to select.
  7. 1, 2, 3 or 4 categories may be added.
  8. To remove a category, click the x next to the category name in the field.
  9. You may choose to only display the section on the first page of the blog. The default is setting is to display on all pages of a paginated blog.feat3.jpg
  10. Once you have selected your categories, click on the Publish button to save your changes.

Add Category Images

  1. On the WordPress Dashboard, go to Posts > Categories.Screen_Shot_2018-11-10_at_2.29.06_PM.png
  2. Choose a category to add an image to and select Edit.
  3. In the category edit screen, under Category Image, click the Select Image button to upload or select and image from your Media Library.feat4.jpg
  4. Once you select your image, click the Update button to save your changes.
  5. Repeat for each Category to be displayed in the section.


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