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Sidebar Settings


This tutorial covers the various sidebar display setting available in the WordPress Themes by Georgia Lou Studios.

View the view for an overview of the sidebar settings.

Sidebar Settings

The options of this theme allow you to set the sidebar display for various types of pages and posts independently of each other.

Sidebar settings can be found in the following sections of the Customizer:

  • General - applies to all pages as the default. You can also use the Page Template under Page Attributes in the page editor to override this general setting.
  • Homepage - applies to the blog page and paginated blog pages.
  • Archives - applies to all category, tag, date and search pages.
  • Post Settings - applies to all single post pages universally.

Each set of options includes options to:

  • Enable/disable sidebar (full width pages)
  • Left or right sidebar (if sidebar enabled)
  • Sticky or static sidebar


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