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Shop the Post


This tutorial explains how to use the Shop the Post field on the WordPress themes from Georgia Lou Studios.

About This field:

  • This field displays below the post or excerpt on the Standard blog post layout. It also displays at the bottom of the post on the single post, above the post footer.
  • You can use a shortcode or embed HTML code.
  • You can create "Shop the Post" widgets using affiliate programs like: ShopStyle Collective, RewardStyles or Amazon.
  • You can also use HTML embed code from other sources or shortcodes created by a WordPress plugin installed on your site.


How to Setup the Field

  1. In the WordPress Dashboard, do to the Posts page.1.jpg
  2. Open a post to edit.
  3. In the post editor, scroll down below the main content area.2.jpg
  4. You will find the section called Shop the Post.3.jpg
  5. You may add a Title.
  6. If using embed HTML code (examples = Amazon widget or ShopStyle Collective Widget), paste your code into the Embed Code box.
  7. If using an shortcode (example = Reward Styles shortcodes), paste your shortcode in the Shortcode box.4.jpg
  8. Click the Publish or Update button to save your changes.
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