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General WordPress Questions & Help for New Users


Our theme documents are created to help you set up our themes and their included features. We've worked really hard to make sure they include everything "theme related" that we could.

So, if you don't find a tutorial that addresses a question you have, chances are good that it's not a "theme related" question but a general WordPress or blogging question instead.

Our support team is more than happy to answer questions about our themes and their features or any theme bugs that arise.

But, if we tried to address every general blogging or WordPress question in our docs, they would be legion. We also cannot answer general blogging or WordPress questions on our Help Desk. Our job is to support our themes, not teach you about blogging or general WordPress features and functions.

But, we want to make sure you can find the answers to general blogging and WordPress questions, so, we recommend the following resources for these sorts of questions:

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